“Our job is to make them to group tightly.  Your job is to find the target.”

The cost of mediocrity will always be higher than the cost of excellence.  This is generally true of everything.  It is certainly true for arrow making.  I was taught this many years ago about goal attainment, and it has served me well.    

Todd Mathis has been shooting archery for nearly 40 years.  After leaving the Army in 1982, he developed an interest in bamboo arrows. Because there were no reliable bamboo arrow makers who spoke English or sold quality custom bamboo arrows, he learned on his own.  (You may recall that the internet wasn’t around in those days.)  Studying the engineering involved in static and dynamic spine of arrow flight (a very obscure bit of research) was the key to making them group tightly. High quality parts AND proper engineering produces tough bamboo arrows which will fly predictably, group tightly, and pack a punch.  Along the way, he became an expert in tuning arrows for a particular archer and the bow that archer uses.  Todd always welcomes calls for advise arrows whether you are a customer of not.  Sooner or later, you probably will be.

Todd founded Khan’s Arrows to be a SINGLE SOURCE for reliable hand-crafted bamboo arrows AND PARTS.  He supports this effort with BAMBOO ARROW UNIVERSITY where you can get proper advice to MAKE, OR REPAIR bamboo arrows which GROUP TIGHTLY instead of scattering all over the target.  The INFORMATION is free on Bamboo Arrow University.  Feel free to take whatever you want.

My business is helping you be successful with bamboo arrows, and have a great time shooting!

If your form is good, and you practice, then your arrows should group tightly…like in a teacup.  That is the goal I set for myself, not that I always achieve that, but I do have high expectations.  If you work with me, I can help you get the perfect set of arrows for you and your bow.  Since I send you the specifications on your arrows, we can work together to improve them.  You shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you order arrows from me or anyone else.  The real key to my business is knowing how to match arrows across spine, weight, length and balance points so they will all group…tightly.  It will be up to you to perfect your form enough that they all group.  Once you can do that, getting them all into the “red ring or better” is relatively simple.

The largest part of my business, other than my U-FLETCH ARROWS, are my high quality matched bamboo shafts which are found on the ONLINE STORE.  These are ideal for the Primitive Archer who wishes to BARE SHAFT TUNE their own arrows.

You will find the prices are fair, but the quality is outstanding!  You are certainly free to call anytime and chat about your questions and goals.  I’m in the business of helping you be successful with bamboo arrows, and have a great time on the range!

The most popular part of my website is BAMBOO ARROW UNIVERSITY which is a free service available to teach you to make and repair your own arrows.

If you aren’t having a great time shooting archery, maybe you need to think about that.

Bamboo arrows are meant to be shot in all conditions and can often take astonishing abuse that would ruin other arrows. While we both know that sooner or later you will break or lose some of your arrows, being able to make or replace those perfect arrows removes the anxiety of having fun with them.