About todd

Todd Mathis has been shooting archery for nearly 40 years. After leaving the Army in 1982, he developed an interest in bamboo arrows. Because there were no reliable bamboo arrow makers who spoke English or sold quality custom bamboo arrows, he learned on his own. (You may recall that the internet wasn’t around in those days.) Studying the engineering involved in static and dynamic spine of arrow flight (a very obscure bit of research) was the key to making them group tightly. High quality parts AND proper engineering produces tough bamboo arrows which will fly predictably, group tightly, and pack a punch. Along the way, he became an expert in tuning arrows for a particular archer and the bow that archer uses. Todd always welcomes calls for advise arrows whether you are a customer of not. Sooner or later, you probably will be.Todd founded Khan’s Arrows to be a SINGLE SOURCE for reliable hand-crafted bamboo arrows AND PARTS. He supports this effort with BAMBOO ARROW UNIVERSITY where you can get proper advice to MAKE, OR REPAIR bamboo arrows which GROUP TIGHTLY instead of scattering all over the target. The INFORMATION is free on Bamboo Arrow University. Feel free to take whatever you want.