Heavy arrows and light arrows. What does the data say?

Column1Column2Column3500 grain arrow700 grain arrowWhat’s the point?
At LaunchSpeed in foot pounds per second263217190a heavier arrow launches slower
Energy in foot pounds46.152.356.1a heavier arrow launches with more energy
Momentum in grains per second246333744136
At 20 yardsSpeed in foot pounds per second248209186A heavier arrow looses less speed than a lighter arrow.
Energy in foot pounds4148.553.2
Momentum in grains per second231332494027
At 40 yardsSpeed in foot pounds per second234202185Speed, energy, and momentum loss over distance still favor the heavy arrow!
Energy in foot pounds48.649.853.2
Momentum in grains per second219134554027
At 60 yardsSpeed in foot pounds per second220195181At every distance in this chart, the heavy arrow launched slower BUT it was the more consistent in flight.
Energy in foot pounds32.252.250.9
Momentum in grains per second205230323940
Energy lost %34.321.6
Get the point here?  Heay arrows are substantially more predictable in flight, although they do launch slower!
Lost momentum %29.815.64.7
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