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This order of nocks, points, and 36 arrows shipped recently to Sweden.  The weight was 4 pounds/5 ounces.  It was shipped in two seperate boxes which were taped together.  The dimensions were 37 inches X 6 inches X 5 inches.  It was shipped U.S.P.S. (United States Postal System).  It will take approximately one week to get there…or so they tell me.  DHL wanted $150.00 USD to send this package.  The U.S. Postal System cost this customer $65.60 USD instead.

How to ship outside the U.S.

Simply decide on which products you want, and all the specifications.  Email this information to me along with your name, full address, and telephone number.  I will have to find the best shipping method and email a total to you along with a link to pay for the order.  As always, please feel free to contact me through email, or a call to clarify any questions prior to ordering.  I will give you the price of the products, although you can find those prices on the online store.  I will clarify any questions about the order.  I will also add $12.00 for shipping boxes and materials.  You may send an international shipping deposit of $60.00 USD when you order, or send the entire amount later.  

As with all my orders, I will be happy to refund the entire amount at any time up until I begin work on your order.  After that…they are your arrows and no refund is possible except the shipping costs.  Sorry, but all arrows are custom work.  The order was made for you and no one else.  It is unlikely that I can sell them to anyone else.

I tried to hire professionals to work out my international shipping, and it tripled my shipping costs.  Instead of $65.60, which was the cost of the shipping, the price rose to $150 dollars for the same shipment.  I am an arrow maker, NOT an international shipping tycoon.  So this is the simplest and most cost effective way I can find to send my products internationally.

I DO NOT begin any work on a custom set of arrows until I am clear on the order, and it is paid for.  I do not ship any order until it is also paid for.  Paypal is my preferred method of payment.  I’m sure you can understand why this is my policy on all my orders, including international orders.

I will attempt to find the least expensive method of shipping these products to you in a safe manner.  You should be aware that the least expensive method of shipping internationally is usually the U.S. Postal System.  If a less expensive method of shipping is discovered after paying, I will certainly let you know and refund the difference.  You will be emailed a copy of the reciept along with the tracking number so you may be certain of the price.

I CAN’T GUARANTEE AGAINST SHIPMENT DAMAGE OUTSIDE THE U.S.  Is appears that the U.S. Postal system will cover the first $200 dollars.  After that, YOU CAN NOT purchase any more insurance.

I pack all of my arrows as carefully as I know how, with durable (and expensive) shipping boxes.  After all, I would love your endorsement on my web site, and I would love your repeat business one day, so I want you to be very comfortable and enjoy your shopping experience.  This is always why I will add $16.00 USD to all orders.  The boxes and packing materials are not free.