Archery Arrows

Archery Arrows

Archery Arrows

Are you a professional bowman, or you want to start and do it correctly? If yes, then you need the best archery arrows to hit the bullseye. Khans Arrows is an expert smithy who knows the art of the best arrows that suit your needs.

How do I choose the right arrows?

Deciding to choose arrows for your bow is so essential following that it'll make you enjoy being an archer. The wrong choice of shafts can make you a poor archer in your entire archery hobby. You don't buy or make an arrow just to see a stick on your bow. You’ve to make the best choice of arrows perfect for your bow if you want to have fun or win in archery tournaments.

Don’t worry about how you’ll choose the right arrows. Our shop is the right place to purchase the best pieces you can find. You don’t need to bother yourself studying physics or studying how to make it in archery. All you need to do is:

  • Choose the arrow length
  • Visit an archery shop and let the smithy measure and determine draw length for you
  • Choose the arrow weight depending on your objectives. Either hunting or target practice.
  • Get the best archery shop

Benefits of choosing the best arrows

The first and foremost thing is that if you have excellent equipment, then you'll be a focused archer. This means you'll always meet your archery goals. The professional archers never complain of impossibilities towards hitting the target, but they're still happy with their hobby. This is because they have the best arrows to fit their bow, and they rarely miss their mark.

In archery tournaments, the ranking archers use the best arrows to ensure their victory. A successful archer doesn't pick any arrow but pulls the right one to achieve his or her objective. If you're not satisfied with your archery arrows, then we're here to make a perfect arrow that suits your needs.

Best flying arrows

We make exceptional wooden arrows of your desire. They’re real hand-made, and archaic, arrows that when you shoot, they fly to hit your target. When you pull them ones, you'll never wish to go back to your previous ones.

These arrows may look like old school, but they're the real archer's thing. They’re fit to meet your every objective in archery. Our wooden arrows are helpful to tournament archers because they get exactly what they need.

Get the perfect arrows

If you want to become a badass in arrow shooting, you'll need to get the sound equipment. If you’ve been looking for the best archery arrows for you, finally, you've got the expert smith to make your dream come true.

Are you a tournament archer, hunter, or you do it for fun? Have you been shooting arrows that never hit the target? Do you want to get the perfect arrows that’ll make you appeal in your archery hobby? Contact Khans Arrows to get the best pieces, fit for your mission. 

Archery Arrows
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We welcome your comments!

Todd Mathis outdoor tournament

Khan’s Arrows are NOT “off the shelf” factory arrows. These are the real hand-made, medieval, armor piercing, hog mauling, best flying arrows you will ever buy…and once you begin shooting them, you will never want to go back to synthetics. I certainly never did!  It is my pleasure to make what are likely the BEST hand-made authentic wooden arrows you will every shoot. Or, better still, teach you how to make your own and offer everything you might need to be an expert.  Now tell me that isn’t what you have been looking for!

Balancing an arrow is an art

Khan’s arrows makes authentic medieval arrows for SCA re-enactors or Renaissance Fair enthusiasts!  These arrows may look kick-ass, but they are the real thing too!  These matched bamboo arrows are individually hand-made, hand straightened, and balanced prior to shipping, IN OUR SHOP IN TEXAS, just like every arrow we sell.  They will be legal on any SCA or Ren Fair range.  Every set of arrows we sell is balanced, matched, properly spined to group tightly and durable! Old Genghis would be happy with our work.  He brought down 4 empires using arrow just like these.

Please keep in mind that delivery could take 2 – 4 weeks. I won’t start making your arrows until I know exactly what you want and the order form has been received along with your payment.  I often help tournament archers, who have transitioned to bamboo, get exactly what they need.  Contact me…I really am a friendly guy!  Please see the customer review page for more information.