Make Bamboo Arrows

Make Bamboo Arrows

Make Bamboo Arrows

Khans Arrows produces the best hand-made, armor-piercing, and medieval bamboo arrows. With over 40 years of experience in archery, Todd Mathis developed the interest to make bamboo arrows for commoners and professional archers.

Types of arrows

It takes a good, sturdy arrow to be precise and to attain excellent results. Here are some of the different kinds of arrows:

  • Carbon arrows - These are the most common ones used in archery. Carbon arrows are highly sturdy and come in different spines. These arrows, in general, sustain plenty of abuse. On the downside, these are the costliest type, and once broken, they will stay so.
  • Aluminum arrows - These are the second most popular type and are much cheaper than carbon arrows. They are lightweight and hollow. If you have a lightweight bow, then aluminum arrows can help you achieve great results. One of the most excellent benefits of an aluminum arrow is that they are easily fixable in case of damages and are much less expensive than carbon arrows. 
  • Bamboo arrows - These arrows are relatively new but offer great value for their price. These highly sturdy and abuse-resistant shafts have top-class spine values and are less expensive than carbon and aluminum arrows.

Besides these types, there are wood and fiberglass arrows, as well. Whichever arrow you choose, it will take time to fine-tune a consistent precision. Todd Mathias, a highly proficient archer, offers lessons on how to make bamboo arrows. He also sells these arrows at reasonable prices.

How do I choose arrows?

If you are relatively new to archery, here are some tips on how to choose the right arrow for your bow. Each piece has a different amount of bendability, also known as the spine. Be sure to choose one that has the perfect amount of spine. Too little spine can cause it to collapse or wiggle too much while too much spine can cause it to fly sideways.

Make sure to find an arrow that is longer than your draw length. Amateur archers must start with arrows that are about 2 inches longer than their draw length. Intermediate and expert archers can shoot with an arrow that is 1 inch longer than their draw length. Lastly, make sure to buy one that has a straightness tolerance of +/- .001 to +/- .003 of an inch. The straightest arrows offer the best results. 

Tips to take care of arrows

Make sure to unstring your bow once you finish shooting, or they may lose cast. Make sure to keep your arrows dry and use a soft cloth to clean them. Lastly, store them in a wooden box with ample space so that they don’t overlap with each other.

Call Khans Arrows today to place an order for bamboo arrows. Delivery can take up to 4 weeks, so make sure you place your order well in advance of your archery event. For more information on how to make bamboo arrows, call Todd Mathias.

Make Bamboo Arrows
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Todd Mathis outdoor tournament

Khan’s Arrows are NOT “off the shelf” factory arrows. These are the real hand-made, medieval, armor piercing, hog mauling, best flying arrows you will ever buy…and once you begin shooting them, you will never want to go back to synthetics. I certainly never did!  It is my pleasure to make what are likely the BEST hand-made authentic wooden arrows you will every shoot. Or, better still, teach you how to make your own and offer everything you might need to be an expert.  Now tell me that isn’t what you have been looking for!

Balancing an arrow is an art

Khan’s arrows makes authentic medieval arrows for SCA re-enactors or Renaissance Fair enthusiasts!  These arrows may look kick-ass, but they are the real thing too!  These matched bamboo arrows are individually hand-made, hand straightened, and balanced prior to shipping, IN OUR SHOP IN TEXAS, just like every arrow we sell.  They will be legal on any SCA or Ren Fair range.  Every set of arrows we sell is balanced, matched, properly spined to group tightly and durable! Old Genghis would be happy with our work.  He brought down 4 empires using arrow just like these.

Please keep in mind that delivery could take 2 – 4 weeks. I won’t start making your arrows until I know exactly what you want and the order form has been received along with your payment.  I often help tournament archers, who have transitioned to bamboo, get exactly what they need.  Contact me…I really am a friendly guy!  Please see the customer review page for more information.