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Thinking of rifles, pistols, and accessory for your hunting, and recreation? Volquartsen got you covered. The models are precise for the mentioned needs. Volquartsen pistols and rifles are perfectly engineered and manufactured by Volquartsen Firearms in Caroll, Iowa.

Where can you purchase any volquartsen firearms?

These rifles and guns are readily available in gun range view sport stores across the country. You can get them at any of our stores near you, and can also make a purchase on our official website rangeviewsports.ca. Our website provides you with a link to access any volquartsen products of your choice. The website is user-friendly and leaves you only one click away from making your choice with a fair bargain.


These are single barrel hand guns. There are theories that the word pistol originated from a town called Pistols in Italy. There are two main types of pistols we have the REVOLVER, and the SEMI-AUTOMATIC pistols. They are majorly designed for one hand defensive use. They are mostly used by the police, and civilians in countries that permit the useage of guns by their citizens.


These are long barell firearms designed and used mainly for accuracy and precision. The most common types of rifles are the bolt and the semi-auto. With the bolt being simpler and more accurate. Other types of rifles are; Hunting rifle, Assault rifle, and sniper rifle.

Ruger 10/22:

The Ruger 10/22 is a semi-automatic rifle manufactured and engineered by Sturm, Ruger & co in the United States of America. Some properties of the rifle include; the Ruger 10/22 has a barell length of 470 mm or 18.5 m, it uses a 10 rounds rotary magazine. It can be referred to as the people's choice. The Ruger 10/22 is widely loved because of it accuracy, and its reliability. It preference can also be likened to it affordability.

22 LR:

The 22 long rifle popularly known as the 22 LR is the most widely used firearm in the world. It produced by union metallic cartridge company in the United States. Commonly used for hunting, domestic self defense, and pest control. It has a case lenght of 22 m.

17 WSM rifles:

The 17 Winchester Super Magnum also known as the 17 WSM for short is manufactured by the ammunition Winchester company. It uses 10 to 20 rounds of AR style of magazine. It aims at 200 yards farther than any other rifle in it caliber. It mostly used by hunters because of it shooting precision.

22 WMR:

This has a wide range of names. 22 WMR is an acronym for 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire. The other names are 22 Magnum, 22 mag, 22 MRF, etc. It is manufactured by the Winchester company, the manufacturer of the the 22 long rifle. It is larger in dimensions than the popular 22 LR. The earliest versions were of the bolt type, and the newest versions are semi-auto. It also has a faster range compared to the 22 LR.

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Todd Mathis outdoor tournament

Khan’s Arrows are NOT “off the shelf” factory arrows. These are the real hand-made, medieval, armor piercing, hog mauling, best flying arrows you will ever buy…and once you begin shooting them, you will never want to go back to synthetics. I certainly never did!  It is my pleasure to make what are likely the BEST hand-made authentic wooden arrows you will every shoot. Or, better still, teach you how to make your own and offer everything you might need to be an expert.  Now tell me that isn’t what you have been looking for!

Balancing an arrow is an art

Khan’s arrows makes authentic medieval arrows for SCA re-enactors or Renaissance Fair enthusiasts!  These arrows may look kick-ass, but they are the real thing too!  These matched bamboo arrows are individually hand-made, hand straightened, and balanced prior to shipping, IN OUR SHOP IN TEXAS, just like every arrow we sell.  They will be legal on any SCA or Ren Fair range.  Every set of arrows we sell is balanced, matched, properly spined to group tightly and durable! Old Genghis would be happy with our work.  He brought down 4 empires using arrow just like these.

Please keep in mind that delivery could take 2 – 4 weeks. I won’t start making your arrows until I know exactly what you want and the order form has been received along with your payment.  I often help tournament archers, who have transitioned to bamboo, get exactly what they need.  Contact me…I really am a friendly guy!  Please see the customer review page for more information.