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Meet Jeff Laskie

-When Jeff and I first worked on his sets of arrows, I gave him advice which he felt didn’t meet his needs.  But I suspect that this helped him to clarify exactly what he wanted.  After that, he was able to give me very specific instructions, and I made him “U-Fletch” black arrows which helped him shoot tight groups with highly predictable arrows.  This is an excellent example of how a dedicated archer is able to use a custom arrow maker and achieve a superior result.  I don’t know what this taught Jeff, but as a professional arrow maker, it taught me a great deal!  His natural desire to improve his archery took my work and showed what my arrows can do.  Thanks Jeff!

Todd is always exceptional at helping with advice about what I need or want from arrow performance.  I’ve always been a decent archer, but these arrows have really upped my game and have tightened my groups to get better scores. 

Thanks Again, Jeff

“I never Lose, Either I Win or I Learn” Conner McGregor