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“You use too much glue on your feathers.”

This is a fair criticism!  If you don’t like the way I do it…I PROMISE I WON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY!  We are definitely happy to show you our “U-FLETCH” arrows instead.  After all, you are buying CUSTOM arrows, right?  So let’s get them like you want them.  I want you back as a customer.  I want you to be happy with what you got, the advice you got, and value of your purchase from Khan’s Arrows.

On the other hand…I have NEVER had a customer complain that a feather came off of one of my arrows with reasonable use.  

Shop my U-fletch arrows. I promise I won't take offense.

“Your prices are too high.”

I’m sorry, but you need to do a bit of comparative shopping and see that you will pay the same price, sometimes more, for mass produced bamboo arrows of questionable quality, which ARE NOT custom made for YOU.  Mine are exactly what you want with the highest quality bamboo.  These are not mass produced overseas.  My arrows are hand made BY ME at my San Antonio, Texas workshop through EVERY step of the process.  Each shaft is selected for a group by spine and weight, and each set of 12 arrows is matched into a group by length, spine, weight, and balance point by an archer who has shot bamboo exclusively for over 20 years.  I will teach you how to make and repair your own bamboo arrows on this website at BAMBOO ARROW UNIVERSITY,  and I am ALWAYS a phone call away if you want information or advice.  

The arrow on the left was recently sent to a customer from the biggest bamboo arrow supplier on the internet.  It cost him about 30% less than what I charge, but will easily break and fly inconsistently.  I just don’t buy these kind of shafts, and I do not EVER sell them.  You’ll NEVER see this from me.  If you haven’t raised your quality expectations, I understand.  But the value my arrows present are probably the best in the world at this time.