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I have always done well at competitions.  Steady improvement has brought me into the medals several times.  I have to say that this is my first National Championship, and I am certain that the high quality shafts you sold me gave me that extra edge which put me at the top that day.  Thanks for the advice and help along the way.

If you want to learn from someone who actually dedicated himself to being the best there is in understanding traditional archery and bamboo…. you came to the right place!!

Ben Bowles

black arrow group by Michaela

“Hi Todd, Just wanted to let you know I love my new arrows. They fly and group like magic!! Thanks again for customizing them for me.”

Michaela W

Boris Borchevsky

“…I finally had a chance to shoot these arrows that you made for me.  What can I say?  They are just great for me!!  At some point I was afraid to shoot more than two arrows to the same target.  They were hitting just too close to each other.  Thank you very much!!

Boris Borchevsky

Boris Borchevsky, Khan's Arrows Customer

__”The U-Fletch arrows are great. Originally, I was using the arrows for indoor use, but since the beginning of summer I decided to swap out the points to something lighter and are using them for outdoor long distance shooting. So far they’re turning out be great flight arrows and tough..The groups were so tight I kept rear-ending the arrows, the nocks broke but the shafts remained fine. The arrows are “well tested”. This is about 3 months of shooting tight groups, hard impacts (as you can see by the field tips). The shafts are tough, you can actually see how deep they penetrate by the white markings on the right arrow (the streaks aren’t the arrow it’s just foam residue from the target)”.

-Nelson W

I had almost given up on trying to shoot with a horse bow using a split finger technique. My arrows if they hit the target were usually all over the place. You took the time to measure the poundage of my bow and advised me on the brace height (manufacturer didn’t list a recommended brace height). The results in practice have been phenomenal. Over the past few months I have shot better with my horse bow using your arrows better than I ever thought I could. Even at 50 yards I am happy with the groupings I have put together. I want to thank you for the time, effort and craftsmanship you have put in to your arrows. I will recommend them to anyone trying to improve their traditional archery shooting game.

Marcus Norwood

Marcus Norwood, Khan's Arrows Customer

I just received the new batch of Tonkin shafts. All I can say is wow! They are very very straight. These are going to be hunting arrows so consistent spine, weight and straightness are a must. It looks like they have everything that I need in an arrow.   After completion, I shot a field tipped arrow into sandstone from about 20 yards out of my 64lb selfbow. Chipped the stone, popped the field tip loose but no damage to arrow. I then shot the same arrow into some seasoned oak firewood. Same effect. Popped tip off but no damage to the shaft. I then shot the arrow into an oak tree from 25 yards. tip stayed on, no shaft damage.  My conclusion is that the only way to break these shafts is to willfully shoot them into a hard target at close range or shoot them unstabilized into a hard target as with my bare shaft tuning.  Thank you!

Jim Richards

I’ve been shooting the hell out of your arrows, they’re pretty tough.  I have 55 acres of timber so there is no shortage of stumps to shoot at and they can be rough on a arrow for sure.  I have lost one but the rest are still in shooting shape after digging them out of stumps several hundred times.

Roger Weise

Todd, I fletched one arrow and shot the other two bare shaft expecting to have a good bit of work getting them to fly right. They were perfect, dead on, so I’m ordering a set of twelve. Thanks for top notch shafts.

Nancy St.Romain

Nancy St. Romain, Khan's Arrows Customer

I ordered a set of arrows from Khan’s Arrows.  Todd took the time to listen to what my goals were and helped me find a good starting point.  He took time to help me choose the best arrows to suit my needs.  It may be helpful for others to take advantage of this service when ordering bamboo arrows.  I am confident that Khan’s arrows will be my supplier of bamboo arrows and shafts.

Wesley Vandevelde

Wesley Vandevelde, Khan's Arrows Customer

I just wanted to let you knowthe shafts you sent me were the best I have ever seen.  Gave out you info to several archers at the TBOF charity shoot today.  Everyone was impressed with the quality of the shafts.  I will be ordering more for myself soon.  Thank you for a quality product.

Gary Linn, Khan's Arrows Customer

However, as I compare them to other types of wood arrows, they are so much more resilient.  I sometimes use a closer distance of 8-10 feet with my makiwara straw target to practice technique.  Most wooden arrows can’t hold up, they snap in half because they have so much dynamic spine or flex.  The end of the wood arrow is still whipping when it hits the target.  This can even happen with longer distances with wood arrows (the Mongols bows can have quite a kick!)  I often use carbon for this type of close-range archery practice.

Bruce Bowditch, Khan's Arrows Customer


I use plenty of glue on arrows.

This is a fair criticism!  If you don’t like the way I glue my feathers, I understand.  I PROMISE I WON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY!  I am definitely happy to show you our “U-FLETCH” arrows instead.  After all, you are buying CUSTOM arrows, right? 

So let’s make them exactly like you want them.  After all, I want you back as a customer.  To do this, I want you to be successful with bamboo arrows, the advice you got from me, and value of your purchase from Khan’s Arrows.

But, in all fairness I should point out that I have NEVER had a customer complain that a feather came off of one of my arrows with reasonable use.  This is why I sell the same arrows in a “U-FLETCH” version for a nicely reduced price.  As a matter of fact, EVERYONE who is a serious archer should learn the skill of fletching.  It is astonishing how much money you will save.

I’m sorry, but you need to look at this arrow which is quite typical of those from another arrow maker who happens to be the largest bamboo arrow maker in the world.   While it is true that a set of arrows made by this arrow maker is about 25% lower in price than mine.  It is equally true that you will never see anything like this from my shop.  Please check the quality of my arrows and shafts when compared to this arrow maker.  If you haven’t raised your expectations, I understand.  The value my arrows present is probably the best in the world at this time.  My prices are fair.  Perhaps it is time to raise your expectations about the arrows you buy.  

The arrow maker who sold the arrow which you see to the left is a mass production facility.  The arrows and shafts ARE NOT matched, regardless of what they tell you.  They ARE NOT custom made for YOU.  Mine are exactly what you want with the highest quality bamboo.

Every arrow I sell are hand matched and made by myself in my workshop in San Antonio, Texas.  Each bamboo shaft is selected to become one of a group by spine and weight. Each set of 12 bamboo arrows or bamboo shafts is matched by length, spine, weight, and balance point by an archer who has shot and made bamboo arrows exclusively for over 25 years. 

A more important business goal I have is to teach you how to make and repair your own bamboo arrows.  I do this at BAMBOO ARROW UNIVERSITY,  and I am ALWAYS a phone call away if you want information or advice.