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How to you prepare your bamboo prior to glueing the feathers on?
After I get the nock on and lined up and the glue settles for a few hours, I just fletch them right up.  But I use plenty of glue, and I double glue the front of the arrow twice to make sure it won’t snag on anything when launched.  I put a small drop on the back just to be sure.
Lemme send you some photos.  I have been criticized for too much glue, but this is the way I fletch my own, and I have NEVER lost a feather, even when I split my own arrows, those fletches are NOT coming off.
Sometimes I will scrape just a bit of glue off prior to glueing down the next feather if it is too ugly.  I just use a fairly dull knife with a fine tip to let me into there without harming the other feathers.
Hope this helps.  I’m into tough and tight groups.  If I can get them aesthetic, that’s nice, but that’s not the goal for me.  This is why I make the U-fletch arrows, so you can do a nicer job than me.  I am fine with people telling me that I put on too much glue.  I’m NOT fine with people telling me my arrows are falling apart.  I’m sure you follow my drift.