Black Arrow Test Set


Because we are a custom business, we can help you find the perfect combination of balance, weight, length and spine for you and your bow.


Find out what the BLACK ARROWS are all about.


This test set will allow you to try out them out prior to ordering a full set.  This is where we can get the right combinations for you AND your bow.  You may order 3 matching arrows, or 3 arrows of different lengths and arrow point weigts to help you find the right combination.  These white or black arrows will come with target heads only.


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Customers who are new to Bamboo Arrows typically come because they want the toughest wooden arrows.  However, they are not ALWAYS certain what the best combination of weight, length, spine, balance point are best.  This usually results in a phone conversation.  Even then, a test may be the best way to find out exactly what will best meet their goals for the arrows they shoot.

The Khan’s Arrows Test set of either three White arrows or 3 Black arrows often is the solution.  I had so many requests for small test sets, I finally made it formal.  A TEST SET can be an excellent way to evaluate a custom bamboo arrow on your bow.  

 I simply make and ship you 3 arrows for you to learn and evaluate what will best meet your goals.  These arrows are EXACTLY the same as all the arrows I make.  They are just a small test set meant to help you find the right answers to your questions about these extremely tough arrows.  

For more information, please refer to the black arrow or white arrow product page or feel free to call me.  I am always happy to help.  I will give you my advice, but you will make the final decision.  

Mix or match these or with different weight heads, lengths and balance, or static spines so you can test those variables.  

After all, I AM A CUSTOM ARROW MAKER, RIGHT?  You may have whatever you want.  It is only a question of price.  But my prices are fair, and the more successful you are with bamboo arrows, the more my business will grow.  So call anytime!

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