Matched Set of 12 “U-FLETCH” Black Arrows



This product is the “U-Fletch” version of our premier product; The Black Arrows.


These U-Fletch arrows are finished in every respect, except they are not fletched.  This  allows you to personalize them in any way you wish.

You may choose arrow lengths up to 33 inches long.  As with all my arrows, there are matched and hand made BY ME, and are carefully grouped by spine, and weight in my Texas workshop.

Your choices of matched insert round target heads are 100 grain, 125 grain, 145 grain head, 165 grain head, or 190 grain head.

You may choose between round target heads, small broad heads (varmint heads) which you will have to sharpen, or bodkin style armor piercing heads.  Choose any combination of heads or all the same style.

If you feel that you need to get some advice, please call!  These are custom-made for you.  Let’s get you the exact arrow you should be shooting off your bow.  The price is the same, SO WHY NOT?  

All of my arrows and shafts come with a safe delivery guarantee is shipped within the U.S.


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Fletch your own perfect arrows any way you want them.

If you prefer a fully fletched finished set of arrows, Please see our Black Arrows.

If you do not know how to fletch an arrow, there are many videos available on Google.  or see our link on BAMBOO ARROW UNIVERSITY.

I am happy to take a call and help with advice for any reason, even if you don’t buy my arrows or parts today.  Seriously…It’s just good business.

These U-Fletch arrows are EXACTLY what you think they are.  There are identical to the Black Arrows, except they are not fletched.  The heads are the same matched, hand-forged, high carbon steel that all my black arrow products come with.  

High carbon steel is flexible, not brittle.  I searched for more than 15 years to find someone who could make these in matched sets out of high carbon steel.  I have never seen 12 heads across an entire set that are an exact match by weight and workmanship.  I am extremely proud of sell these heads. 

All black arrows come with these insert heads, which allow me to achieve my goal of making sets of bamboo arrows which are very tough and fly into a teacup if your form is good.  Because these high carbon steel heads are flexible, they will bend rather than break…up to a point.

Years ago, I set out with a goal as an arrow smith is to make bamboo arrows which were TOUGH, and would group in a teacup if your archery form was consistent.  What I didn’t know when I started this project, was that I was creating a wooden arrow which was almost indestructible.

By creating an arrow where the weakest point (The point where the arrow is most likely to fail under stress) is no longer in the wood, but in the back end of a high carbon (flexible steel, not brittle) you transfer the weakest point in the arrow FROM THE WOOD TO THE STEEL. 

Below you will see two different black arrows which were errant shots by myself.  the arrow on the left was shot into a piece of angle iron.  The second was shot into a 2 x 4 wooden frame around the target.

As you can see, the head is damaged, but the rest of the arrow is still just fine!  The head can usually be tapped back gently into alignment, but the head in this photo is too badly bent, it will have to be replaced.


Instructions on how to straighten or replace these heads can be found on BAMBOO ARROW UNIVERSITY.

Each BLACK ARROW comes with a brass collar which is custom fit to each arrow…BY ME. This brass collar adds great strength and durability to each arrow as you can see in the photos above.

As you would expect, EVERYTHING matches across the set.  The heads, the spines, the weight…all of it.  Every set is made from scratch after your order is received (and paid for).

They are CUSTOM made for you and the bow you will shoot them off of.  For that reason, the more we know, the better we can make them.  If you are certain about what you want, you may simply order them, but if you would like to have a conversation and some advice, that is ALWAYS welcomed.  Just check the box at checkout.  I will call you PRIOR to starting any work. 

If you request a refund prior to me starting work, I will happily do that.  After all, I want your repeat business.  I’m not going to get that if I hack you off, right?

The price is outstanding for the quality, and shipping is free within the U.S. on any order of $150 or more at Khan’s Arrows.

  • You may choose any length bamboo arrow up to 33 inches.  (For longer shafts, please see the special products page.)
  • These unfletched arrows will match in all respects, and will come marked for the position of the cock feather.  The black nock will be aligned to that mark unless you ask me NOT to place nocks on your arrows.
  • If you request the nock be left off, you will still have the reference mark on your arrows unless you tell me otherwise.  This mark is put on with a “sharpie” marker and can easily be removed with a little fingernail polish remover.
  • All arrow points for my black arrows are HAND FORGED HIGH CARBON STEEL.  They come in matched sets, and you may choose from 100 grain heads, 125 grain heads, 145 grain heads, and 165 grain heads.  190 grain heads and legal hunting broadheads of the same workmanship are available by special order.  Please call me about that.

If you want to make your own from scratch, we do sell the shafts with the brass collars installed.

If you wish, you can simply buy the matched shafts, brass collars and heads individually and make your own.  Everything you need is at THE PARTS DEPARTMENT.



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