The Black Arrow Hunting Set


The Black Arrows are our premier product at Khan’s Arrows.  This set of three hunting arrows have become very popular.


Not only are bamboo arrows, which are made of HIGH QUALITY BAMBOO, among the toughest arrows you will ever shoot, but Khan’s Black Arrows are even more durable.

You sharpen them.

This matched set of THREE matched legal hunting arrows come with hand forged high carbon steel legal hunting broad heads come in three different choices of weight.  All of them are hand forged of high carbon steel by a master smith.  The entire set points are an exact match by weight and workmanship.  The spines match, everything about these arrows match and they are tuned to group!  They are CUSTOM made for you and the bow you will shoot them from.  The insert style heads are an extra feature of durability.  This adds great strength and durability to each arrow.

All of my bamboo arrows hand made BY ME  and they are carefully grouped by spine, and weight and fletched BY ME in my San Antonio, Texas workshop.  I have been making and improving bamboo arrows for 25 years, and it is my work and knowledge which will go into your arrows.

The shafts and fletching are the same high quality as you would expect to see for an arrow made with an emphasis on durability.  Because the heads and collar are flush with the outside diameter of the arrow, they are easy to pull from mesh targets.

I do every step of the process by hand.  If you need help, advice, or have a complaint, you know EXACTLY who to call.

These arrows come with a safe delivery guarantee if shipped within the U.S.





If you are an archer with good form, and are ready to step up to the finest wooden arrows, these are the arrows you will find.  If you are a traditional archer or hunter, these are sleek, and pack a punch.

These matched black arrow hunting sets come with 3 fully finished black arrows made of the same high carbon steel insert style legal 1 inch wide hunting broad heads.  You will need to sharpen them.

All black arrows come with these insert heads, which allow me to achieve my goal of making sets of bamboo arrows which are very tough and fly into a teacup at 20 yards if your form is good.  These hunting arrows are no exception.

Years ago, I set out with a goal as an arrow smith is to make bamboo arrows which were TOUGH, and would group in a teacup if your archery form was consistent.  What I didn’t know when I started this project, was that I was ALSO creating a wooden arrow which was almost indestructible.

Here is why:


By creating an arrow where the weakest point (The point where the arrow is most likely to fail under stress) is no longer in the wood, but in the back end of a high carbon (flexible steel, not brittle steel) you transfer the weakest point in the arrow FROM THE WOOD to the back of the head.  As you can see, the head is damaged, but the rest of the arrow is still just fine!  The head can usually be gently tapped back into alignment.  Even the badly bent head in the photo below was back in my quiver the next day.

Instructions on how to straighten these heads can be found on BAMBOO ARROW UNIVERSITY.

Each BLACK ARROW comes with a brass collar which is custom fit to each arrow…BY ME. This brass collar adds great strength and durability to each arrow as you can see in the photos above.



As you would expect, EVERYTHING matches across the set.  The heads, the spines, the weight…all of it.

Every set is made from scratch after your order is received (and paid for).  They are CUSTOM made for you and the bow you will shoot them off of.  For that reason, the more we know, the better we can match them to you and your bow.  If you are certain about what you want, you may simply order them, but if you would like to have a conversation and some advice, that is ALWAYS welcomed.  Just check the box on the order form…or better yet, call me.


  • You may choose any length bamboo arrow up to 33 inches.
  • All arrow points for my black arrows are HAND FORGED HIGH CARBON STEEL.  They come in matched sets, and you may choose from 100 grain heads, 125 grain heads, 145 grain heads, 165 grain heads, and 190 grains.
  • Your may choose round target heads which are legal on any range, armor piercing bodkin style heads, and legal hunting broadheads.
  • You can upgrade these heads to FOLDED DAMASCUS STEEL HEADS if you wish.  Damascus steel heads have been renowned as the toughest arrow heads for over 600 years.
  • They come 3 fletched with black hen feathers and a purple cock feather.  Upon request, I can substitute any other feather you see on my white arrows, or just white feathers.
  • The nock is black.


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