Matched set of 12 “U-FLETCH” White Arrows


I make them tough and I closely match them group.  You personalize them.

These are the same as the finished White Arrows except you fletch them.

This set of 12 authentic, balanced, ready-to-fletch custom bamboo “U-fletch” arrows are matched by both weight and spine to group tightly, fly accurately, and are just as tough as all my high quality custom bamboo arrows.  They will be legal on any SCA or Renaissance faire range!

Fletching is a time consuming task.  If I don’t fletch them, the price is substantially lower.  And besides, don’t you want to learn to fletch?

If you feel that you need to get some advice, please call!  These are custom arrows.  Let’s get you the exact arrow you should be shooting off your bow.  The price is the same, SO WHY NOT?

I am happy to take a call and help with advice for any reason, even if you don’t buy my arrows or parts today.  Seriously…It’s just good business.


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High quality Tonkin River Bamboo rarely, IF EVER , grows in diameters larger than 5/16 diameter, and those nice glue on heads which come in 5/16 diameter are very difficult to find in weights larger than 125 grains in weight.  Since my own arrows require weights of 145 grains, the usual glue on tips were a royal pain in the ass!  They just aren’t made for high quality bamboo shafts, and I am tired of using substandard parts to make the best traditional arrows available.

The bamboo arrows we make and sell at Khan’s Arrows will rival carbon shafts for durability under normal shooting circumstances.  But these shafts just need a smaller diameter glue-on head.

No more fighting to get your arrows out of a target!All arrows come in any length up to 33 inches long, with 3 helical fletches (barred and white pattern as shown) and they are glued down to stay on. Expect them to last! You may choose for any bow poundage from 30 – 65 pounds, please specify.

And since EVERY Khan’s arrow is a CUSTOM ARROW made to your specifications…BY ME…in my Texas workshop, they will be perfect, they will match across the entire set of arrows so closely that they will group into a teacup at 20 yards if your form is up to scratch, AND THEY WILL OUTLAST ANY OTHER WOODEN ARROW YOU WILL EVER SHOOT.

You will love how predictable they are in flight.

If you prefer buffalo horn nocks, click here to upgrade.



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