Matched Set Of 12 Fletched White Arrows



Now they are even better!

This set of 12 authentic, balanced, ready to shoot arrows are matched by both weight and spine to group tightly and fly accurately and pack a punch! They are fully acceptable on any SCA or Renaissance Faire archery range. These heads are made exclusively for Khan’s Arrows to fit the high quality bamboo shafts we make our arrows from.

The typical glue-on target heads are not made for narrow wooden shafts such as high quality bamboo.  Cedar and other wooden shafts are made from wooden dowls in larger diameters than Tonkin Bamboo usually grows. 


Meet "Old Snag"

In the photo above, you can see how the mesh target has already begun to damage the arrow shaft just behind the glue-on point due to the fight it takes to get this arrow our of a mesh target.  This kind of archery is no fun at all!

The White Arrow Series now come with arrow points which fit PERFECTLY on our high quality bamboo arrows and shafts.  They are made of steel, and come in standard matched weights from 100 grains – 190 grains in weight.

If you prefer buffalo horn nocks, click here to upgrade.

Due to shipping costs, each set of fletched arrows must be ordered seperately.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


No more fighting with “OLD SNAG”.

High quality Tonkin River Bamboo rarely, IF EVER , grows in diameters larger than 5/16 diameter, and those nice glue on heads which come in 5/16 diameter are very difficult to find in weights larger than 125 grains in weight.  Since my own arrows require weights of 145 grains, the usual glue on tips are a royal pain in the ass!  They just aren’t made for high quality bamboo shafts, and I am tired of using “MAKE-DO” parts for my high quality bamboo.  

The bamboo arrows we make and sell at Khan’s Arrows will rival carbon shafts for durability under normal shooting circumstances.  But these shafts are smaller in diameter than other bamboo shafts.  It isn’t much…but a little bit goes a long way!

As an additional improvement, each white arrow has a 4 inch wooden insert to add strength and durability to the most vulnerable part of an arrow made with “GLUE-ON” heads.  Every White Arrow, every time.

All arrows come in any length up to 33 inches long, with 3 helical fletches (barred and white pattern as shown) and they are glued down to stay on. Expect them to last! You may choose for any bow poundage from 30 – 65 pounds, please specify.

And since EVERY Khan’s arrow is a CUSTOM ARROW made to your specifications…BY ME…in my Texas workshop, they will be perfect, they will match across the entire set of arrows so closely that they will group into a teacup at 20 yards if your form is up to scratch, AND THEY WILL OUTLAST ANY OTHER WOODEN ARROW YOU WILL EVER SHOOT.

You will love how predictable they are in flight.


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