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Do you want a mixed set of target and broad head arrows?  

After all, broad heads cost more than target heads, but wouldn’t it be great to have a set of arrows that were identical to one another, but maybe some are mounted with legal hunting broad heads?

Perhaps you want a set of 24 matched shafts?  Maybe you want 100 shafts of a particular static spine.  Perhaps an arrow or two with an armor piercing bodkin head mixed in?  How about a set of arrows that need to be 36 inches long, or 100 pounds in static spine?  High quality bamboo allows for you to buy what you imagine.  Khans Arrows is a custom business, and we can provide pretty much anything you want.

All small businesses become victims of their own success if they do not manage their growth.  I suppose this is a “Golden Problem”, but it does need to be solved!

I have painfully learned the lesson that my business is outgrowing my ability to track orders properly.  With this in mind I need a better way to keep track of paper work on specialty and mixed orders from customers.  I’m asking you to place an actual order so that I can track this order and follow up properly.  When you order this specialty item for $1 dollar, it is refundable if you decide NOT to continue with the purchase of your specialty item.

By making an actual purchase, even though it is only $1 dollar, it will populate my system for tracking these orders and allows me to do a seriously better job as a custom arrow maker.

The process is simple.  When I see this order come into my shop page, I will call you and determine what you want.  If I can provide it, I will quote you a firm price and send you a link to pay the final amount.  Fulfilling these SPECIALTY orders becomes more efficient.

STEP 1:  Simply click on the link below, fill out the form, and email it to todd@khansarrows.com.


STEP 2:  Complete the purchase of the $1 dollar item as you would with all other products I sell.  I will call in a day or two and clarify exactly what you want and quote you a price so you can make a buying decision.  If you DO BUY, then you have already paid $1 dollar down payment.  If you DO NOT BUY, then I’ll send the dollar back to your credit card.

Thank you for helping me manage this mundane task better.  I’d rather spend my time making arrows!




Just so you know, installing those brass collars to stay in place is a real problem.  It took me several years to solve it.  This is why I will now sell a set of 12 with the collars installed as a specialty item.


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Khans arrows will call in a few days, clarify the order and quote me a firm price and allow me to make a final decision at that time.


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