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My purpose in sharing this is to make your buying experience more satisfactory, and to encourage two things.  Firstly, use the online store and website to the maximum extent possible.  You won’t break it, I promise.  Secondly, absolutely be encouraged to call me, and to always make sure I have all of your shipping and contact information to help me streamline the process of making your perfect set of arrows.  Please.

Khan’s Arrows is a workshop which individually hand crafts the most durable and perfectly matched bamboo arrows and shafts you can find on the internet.  100% of the work is done in my San Antonio, Texas workshop.  My business has increased to the point that it might take two to four weeks to finish an order, depending on what the order is.  Here are a few tips to speed things along.

One caveat to remember is that wooden arrows will break if not shot within reasonable limits.

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Your first decision

At Khan’s Arrows you have a choice of the structure of your arrows.  While all arrows are custom made to your specs of high quality bamboo in my workshop…BY ME…one of the wonderful things about bamboo is that you can have a great deal of flexibility as to the arrows you want.  Basically the first question is whether or not you want GLUE-ON points offered in the White Arrow collection, or would you rather have the reinforced INSERT STYLE heads offered by the Black Arrow collection.

As you can see, I go to a great deal of trouble to have specialty points made for the lower circumference of high quality bamboo shafts.  These shafts are reinforced with a small bamboo dowel prior to “skinning” the surface area back a minute amount so that the specialty points are able to be glued on and remain “flush” with the shaft, or nearly so.  All that SNAGGING with mesh style targets is a thing in the past.

For those who want the American classic look of glue on points, these are an excellent choice.

These arrows come with choices!  If you are not certain about the length and spine for your bow, or perhaps want to try a heavier head or a greater FOC, the test set of 3 fully finished white arrows may be an excellent choice.

If you know EXACTLY what you want, jump right in and order a dozen fully finished white arrows and pick you own specifications

If you want to fletch your own arrows or want to add special cresting, the “U-Fletch” set of White Arrows is a great choice.

Lastly, if you are a “BARE SHAFT TUNER”, just order a set of matched high quality shafts to your own specifications.

The Black Arrow collection is a true upgrade in bamboo arrow engineering.  The insert style heads have been around since the earliest asian historical artifacts.  The reinforced brass collar is an idea whose time has come.  It makes these arrows extremely hard to destroy.

Not only is the brass collar “skinned” into the surface of the shaft to keep it firmly in place, but the arrow head itself has a high carbon steel tang which  is inserted approximately 4 inches into the shaft giving it astonishing survivability.  The brass collar and the arrow point itself is flush with the arrow shaft for easy pulling.

Throughout this site and on my Khan’s Arrows YouTube Channel, you will see numerous comments and examples of these arrows surviving shots that would have destroyed any other wooden arrow.  The value is outstanding!

The single most important part of my job is to spend time speaking with the customer and clarifying every order and making sure they will be pleased with what they ordered.  I run a CUSTOM arrow business.  I only make arrows to specifications and this means that work will start when I am clear on what you want, YOU ARE CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT, and the payment is received.

There are many customers who do not want my recommendations.  Some customers want arrows which have a stiffer dynamic spine then I would use.  They are very succesful archers.  Some of my best customers bare shaft tunes their arrows.  One even uses slow motion video.  He is very clear what he wants.  Another customer just won a major traditional archery competition in Las Vegas using my arrows…but he didn’t take my recommendations either.  I made the arrows to his specs and he is very successful.  Nothing gives me more satisfaction than one of my customers finding success using my arrows or shafts.  They know what they want.  I am happy to cheerfully fulfill any order regardless.  I will offer you my thoughts, but I am NOT the keeper of all knowledge.  I do sell VERY HIGH QUALITY bamboo shafts and arrows.  I’m a custom arrow smith.  Basically the choice is yours and you can have whatever you want.  My prices are listed, so there should be no mystery.

First things first.  Here is what I will want to know before I get started…if you don’t mind.

Is your bow a primitive style bow with no shelf, or very little shelf, or is it a typical longbow or recurve design with a center cut shelf?  This is important because the farther the string is from the side of the bow, the farther the back end of the arrow is too.  As the string moves forward during launch, the more the front end of the arrow moves away from the aiming point.

This leads us to the “archer’s paradox”.  How can an arrow hit a target that it is not actually aimed directly at, and is actually moving farther away from this target as it launches?  The answer is a bit complex, but to begin with we tune the arrow by lowering the static spine.  It is important to allow the arrow to FLEX around the bow as it is launching.  I shoot a 44 pound primitive bow with no shelf.  I make my arrows 10 pounds lighter in static spine to help with this process.  It is perfectly safe.

Question #1:  Does your bow have a shelf or not?

  • If your bow has a normal center cut shelf, you will want to order your arrows with static spines 4 – 5 pounds lighter than the bow poundage.
  • If your bow has not shelf, or the merest suggestion of one, you will want to order your arrows with a static spine of 8 – 10 pounds lighter then your bow poundage.

Question #2:  What is the actual poundage of your bow?

  • When is the last time you checked it?  Any bow shop can measure that for you.
  • What is your actual draw length?  If the bow is 42 pounds @ 28 inches, but you only draw 24 inches…this will be important.  Again, any bow shop can tell you what your actual draw length is.
  • What is the distance between the bow and the string?  This is called the “BRACE HEIGHT”.  If your brace height is less than 5 inches, you should probably let me know.

Once I understand the archer and his or her bow, then we can start on the arrows.

Question #3:  Do you want arrows that will group into a teacup at 20 yards, or do you want a salad plate sized group?

  • If you want the teacup sized group, then matching the balance of each arrow to the others is more important than matching exact lengths.  Look at the arrows of anyone who does bare shaft tuning.  There will almost certainly be arrows of slightly different lengths.  My arrows usually are the same length, but there may be variances of 1/4 inch on a few.  When I call you to confirm your order, let me know if you DO NOT want this please.
  • Bamboo arrow shafts don’t always have the same weight distribution along the shaft as the next one in the group.  I will want to try different heads on some arrows to match the balance points.  
  • It is part of the arrow maker’s conundrum that when an arrow is shortened, it will fly with a stiffer dynamic spine than when it is longer.  It is equally true that when an arrow is longer, it may have a balance point much lower than an arrow which is one inch longer.  This is my problem to solve.  I will solve it.  
  • If you are more interested in perfect looking arrows, I DO MAKE THOSE TOO.  But you will have a few in the set which are not predictably grouping with the others.

If you not to use the online store, I understand…BUT if you can, please know I will ALWAYS appreciate this.  It organizes the many details I need to know and speeds up the process of making your custom set of the finest bamboo arrows in the world.

  • When you place your order online, and send me an email with any additional requests, I get a written record of what you want along with your name, shipping address, proof of payment, and YOUR PHONE NUMBER!  Speaking with each customer to ensure we are both clear about what you have paid for, this phone call ALWAYS happens prior to me starting your order.  I’m a happy and organized old arrow maker.  I’m sure you get the picture here.
  • When you order online, I am able keep accurate records of your order.  This may just be important if you want reorder them again.
  • You may be CERTAIN that I will call you prior to beginning work on your order.  I may end up calling you more than once if I need to clarify a point on your order.
  • I take great pride in the positive feedback which you will find all over my website.  It is quite uplifting to get those frequent calls from customers with positive feedback.  I welcome all feedback, even the disappointments.  It helps me build a superior product.  Reasonable customer comments, compliments, and complaints are always posted.  The last thing I want is for any customer to feel they were misled.

Every arrow is made BY ME, in my workshop, from scratch, into a set of high quality bamboo arrows which should group into a teacup at 20 yards of your form is strong.  This takes a great deal of work to match static spines, weights, and balance points across the entire set.  When you order from me, there probably are a few orders ahead of you in line, and I do work every day to get those orders completed in a timely manner.  You may not know it, but every arrow will go through AT LEAST three straintenings by me prior to packaging them up for shipment.  It is during this process that I will sometimes break an arrow.  If this happens, I will have to make another arrow from scratch which will match the rest of the set.  …and that will take additional time.

These arrows rarely break if shot at normal archery distances into normal archery targets.  Hopefully they are worth the wait because of the superior value.  I put all of my knowledge and experience into each set set of arrows.  Please know your arrows will get EXACTLY the same care.

Just below you will see our phone number and an email form.  Contact us with your questions and let me make you that perfect set of arrows…you’ll love them.